Willkommen Lea

Unsere kleine Lea ist am 4. Juli 2013 um 0:17 Morgens zur Welt gekommen.

Schritt für Schritt geht jetzt unsere kleine Lea unseren Lebensweg mit!!!

Mit 3813 gram und 53,3cm ist unser Wonneproppen gut ausgebacken!!!


American tradition meets Austrian/Germans

Babyshower bei Kathrin mit meinen Österreich/Deutsch/Amerikanischen Freundinnen DANKE meine Lieben es war eine super Party!!!

Ecommerce Babyshower


IT’s a GIRL!!!! Wir bekommen ein Mädchen!!!!

She is a gorgeous, our healthy little GIRL and we will name her Lea Pum :) SO HAPPY!!!!

Sie ist ein so süsses, gesundes kleines Mädchen und wir werden sie Lea Pum nennen :) Sind so GLÜCKLICH!!!!!


Fitness Tip of the Week by Monika ;)

There we go, the first of many tips I want to share with my friends and anyone interested,…..


1)  Anything you do it better than Nothing!!!

How about starting with 5min stretching in the morning and 10min walking for Lunch…. doesn’t that sound doable?


PS: I am not saying I am the expert BUT I can share with you what I know and you can take from it what helps you and leave the rest ;)



Sweater for my mug

Oh well Hello there, this is me and my mug dressed up in the same sweater ;)

But guess what, white is so boring and gets dirty far too quick.

Sooo I have a new quest, I need a new sweater for my mug!!!! I LOVE purple as most of you know and my mug needs one too!!!!

I want one that looks just like this one just but it has to say Coffee since I am a bigger fan of Coffee then of Tea ;)



So I need one that knows how to knit, I know how to make scarfs but I am not good with the handle part for my mug, who wants to help me out here?


Your Monika